Salima and Jasmine on Dare to Share Your Untold Story Podcast

Episode 4: A Woman’s Single-Handed Journey: A Lawyer, Mother, Daughter + Everything in Between

Guest: Jasmine Daya

Jasmine talks about the unique experiences of what she went through as a woman at the start of her law career, what strife she faced, worries she endured, and how she powered through it all. She expressed how community and cultural perception plays a role with judgement, “what will people think”.

As a successful lawyer and inspiration to other women, Jasmine shares that not many people know the details of her story, and she talks about her experiences of those not knowing her past and envying her success to date. Jasmine talks about the time she encountered a fork in the road and took a firm decision, and she chose to swim, or at least do whatever she could that would lead her to the path to swim. Jasmine imparts her wisdom here to listeners by discussing how the sky is the limit — and if you want it, you do need to put in the work, it wont come easy, but if you keep at it, it surely transpires.


Guest Bio: Jasmine is a lawyer and managing principal of Jasmine Daya & Co., a personal injury law firm, she is also a published author of: Law Girl’s bump in the road, ‘JD in the Kitchen’ series, podcaster – hosting ‘law girl’, she’s a blogger and speaker, has contributed voluntarily to the community and her most recent entrepreneurial venture – the purchase and proud owner of Pravda Vodka Bar, in Downtown Toronto, and she is a Real Estate Investor.


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Salima and Khayali on Dare to Share Your Untold Story Podcast

Episode 3: A Teen’s Mental Health Voyage into the Midst of Anxiety

Guest: Khayali Dhanji

As a teenager, Khayali shares the intimate details of her self-discovery journey through the lens of mental health, and not only sharing about her struggles with anxiety, but that of depression and everything else that tagged along. Khayali, braves with vulnerability and discloses her mental health diagnoses, how things went sideways before they got better, and shares details of the exact moment that things started to shift for her.

 Through it all, Khayali has been able to find the silver lining in her struggle, she has been able to identify where she feels she sits in this her part of the journey, her reframe of the feeling of thriving as she faces her adversities, the hard truths of what she was impacted by, as well as her overall growth as a person. She talks about how empathy has become her superpower and Khayali shares words of wisdom to all listeners to unapologetically embrace all parts of yourself and show up that way in the world.


Guest Bio: Khayali is a grade 12 student at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver. Known to her family as an ‘overachiever’, when Khayali is not at school or studying, she can be found running her own business – Mix Munch N’ Lunch, volunteering for various service initiatives, or in the theatre backstage. Despite her friendly and outgoing demeanor, she understands what it is like to struggle with invisible battles and hopes to use her story to change the perception of mental illness. She recently presented a TEDEd Talk on the subject and hopes to continue raising awareness on mental illness.


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Salima and Farzana on Dare to Share Your Untold Story Podcast

Episode 2: What People Don’t Know About ‘Khatna’, its Secrecy + Propagation

Guest: Farzana Doctor

Farzana identifies with the Bohra Community that has become known for ‘khatna’, which is a form of surreptitious female genital cutting that happens around the age of seven. As a khatna survivor herself, she speak about her transformation into becoming an activist, breaking the silence of female genital cutting.

As Farzana’s personal story unfolds, she uncovers for us how she has moved beyond the traumatic moment, while honouring her process. She talks specifically about how she was impacted as she went through her journey to the activist she is today, what she is grateful for encountering, and the toll it took on her mental health. She shares a special message with listeners – encouraging people take what actions they need to take in order to see change, that without taking uncomfortable steps, we cannot see change. Through her story she shares the importance of taking time and being gentle with yourself if khatna is something you have also been a victim of.


Guest Bio: Farzana is the Toronto-based author of four novels: Stealing Nasreen, Six Metres of Pavement, All Inclusive, and her latest titled – Seven. Seven was just named an Indigo/Chapters Best Book of the Year, and Amnesty International Readers 2020 Choice. Farzana is also the ‘Maasi’ behind ‘Dear Maasi’, a new sex and relationships column for female genital mutilation or cutting (FGM/C) survivors. She is also an activist, part-time psychotherapist and amateur tarot card reader.


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Salima Dare to Share Your Untold Story

Episode 1: A Miracle Baby: She Dares to Share her Imperfect Truth

Guest: Salima Jadavji – the hostess herself, interviewed by Sharmin Sikder.

She leads by example as Salima takes the dare to share her own personal story and journey. At the time of her birth, named and known as ‘the miracle baby’, Salima speaks firsthand from her perspective — what her life was like after she overcame the odds of survival when she endured a traumatic birth. Her story extends beyond what took place at the time she was born to the unspoken expectations, that led her to experiencing a life filled with anxiety and what contributed to the conditioning for her to show up with perfectionism in all aspects of her life. Salima shares a few key messages with listeners: celebrate your wins, all wins; healing takes time, take your time; no matter how fast life is spinning around you, be your own first responder; get comfortable uncomfortable; show up perfectly imperfect.