Episode 43: The Journey is more About my Death than it is about the Cancer

Guest: Rishma Dhalla

Her cancer diagnosis necessitated her to come to terms with facing death and mortality. Rishma elaborates on how her cancer journey ran deeper than just the physical toll, preparation, or adjustment during and after treatments. She gave herself an opportunity to turn inward, connected to herself and did some soul-searching. She identifies with some prominent thoughts that played on her mind in the early stage of her journey and her positioning to get curious, leading up to her own conclusions about death and dying. Rishma shared, in addition to physical pain she endured, she tapped into a deeper meaning of her hair loss experience and feeling as though she had lost parts of her identity. She delves into details about the exhaustion she experienced; worry thoughts as she wondered what life might look like; what would happen if she didn’t make it; time spent facing her truths; planning for potential outcomes and worrying about her children and husband. Today, she explains that she doesn’t have constant thoughts about the cancer, though in full awareness acknowledges how it has completely changed her life as she lives each day to the fullest. Her key message to the listeners is that: don’t be afraid to die that you don’t allow yourself to live; indulge in life; and if you do fear death — get curious as to what is getting in the way.


Guest Bio: Rishma is a 50-year-old married mother of two adult sons, and, like many 50-year-olds, she has lived her half century full of ups and downs. She has worked as an Occupational Therapist for over 28 years, and in the year 2020, Rishma decided to take the plunge into entrepreneurship. She has since started her own business called OT4Life and has been supporting clients through their rehabilitation and recovery process, encompassing all facets of an individual’s needs from the standpoint of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual lenses. Rishma is also a cancer survivor and has begun her journey share her story of her personal struggles as it relates to mental health as she is inspired to empower others to share their stories.

Rishma also provides workshops on stress management and has her very own YouTube channel where she posts videos about stress management.


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Rishma provides workshops on stress management, in addition to her very own YouTube channel where videos are posted about stress management.

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Episode 42: Finding his inner value, now grounded for life

Guest: Peter Ratnikov

Peter took the opportunity to dive deep into an area of conversation that he typically doesn’t express publicly too often. He shares his journey growing up and coming to Canada as a young immigrant, starting his own businesses from such a young age, and getting caught up in success and living the life he thought would bring him happiness. He shared details of what it was like to experience that level of confusion of what success was meant to be. It took a toll on his mental health and started to rely on alcohol consumption, not having the desire to wake up in the mornings, with many other impacts that questioned what true happiness meant for him. Peter detailed how it all started with looking at how to improve his professional and financial gain, until he started his path on his spiritual journey. He started with looking at gratitude, incorporating meditation practices, learning to embody being present consistently throughout each day, not just when he sits in mindfulness and stillness. Peter spoke about how encountering all the strife on his path, allowed him to connect to his true self and learn the meaning of true authentic happiness. His key message to the listeners is that: take time to retreat, to reflect in the quiet, take time to connect with how you feel and what is going on for you in the inside; find what works for you, it will look different for each person, but there is something that helps you understand and settle yourself that has the ability to ignite your energy.


Guest Bio: Peter is a serial entrepreneur and cofounder of 5+ companies. He has passion for entrepreneurship and since an early age has demonstrated that “Taking Action” is the only way to realize your dreams. Loyalty and perseverance are his main strengths, and he understands that the formula for Success is “A Consistent Effort Over Time” his Mission is to shorten that length of time for everyone.

As a Millennial he has spent the last ten years immersed in complex internet-based technology solutions. He is excited about helping organizations to understand emerging technology trends and their potential for business transformation.

In 2015 Peter discovered Bitcoin, immediately realizing the huge potential that this technology held. Since then, he has been on a mission to educate and inspire as many people as possible and is committed to put Canada at the centre of this disruptive and innovative technology trend.

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o   Bitcoin + cryptocurrency and its decentralization of block chain technology – a way to help people across the globe.

o    Peter’s documentary https://www.youtube.com/c/CryptoLifeTO