Episode 69: Until She Believed in Herself, the Cycle of Abuse continued

Guest: Alexandra Pinto

Alexandra taps into being raised with a strict parenting style, where she experienced emotional and psychological abuse, sharing her mother’s parenting style mirrored her grandfather’s style of parenting that Alexandra’s mother experienced. She left her life in France to come to Canada to live a new life and pursue her dreams and goals. Soon after she met the father of her child, she participated in a toxic relationship for several years and experienced emotional, physical, and financial abuse. Alexandra expresses the abuse she endured in adulthood was parallel to her childhood experience. She thought this is what she deserved and admits at the same time she was blinded in what she believed to be love. Police and child services were involved, and she did seek solace at women’s shelters. Alexandra shares she returned to the relationship even when she didn’t want to due to severe financial constraints. Alexandra’s mental health was impacted to the extent she had no love to give herself, she lacked confidence, she would end up putting herself down, and didn’t take care of herself emotionally or physically. The more toxicity she experienced in her relationship, the more distant she became from her friendships and decreased her interactions with family, resulting in bottling up all her emotions. Eventually she put up her own boundaries and started to make clearer choices that were good for both her and her son. She explained that when she found her inner strength and started to use her voice, it got loud, and she would no longer hold back. Her key message to the listeners is that: believe in yourself and know that you can do great things; you can have success; believe that you deserve better and more; believe that you are worthy of love, life and success – it can all be yours; search for resources, they are out there.


Guest Bio: Alexandra identifies as an immigrant who moved from France to Canada in 2014. While enduring many struggles of her own, she always challenged herself regardless of the odds she faced. Alexandra studied English upon arriving to Canada, and then pursued further education and obtained a business digital marketing diploma at CDI College. During the pandemic she furthered her career development and got her license as a mortgage agent and most recently, now licensed to manage life insurance. Alexandra had great pursuits to be an entrepreneur, which she has now achieved. One main aspect of her driving force to do so was to be there for her son and have the flexibility to manage various life curveballs while not being tied to a 9am-5pm job.


Alexandra continues to challenge herself to grow, face her fears and continue to see the brighter side to any situation. She’s a firm believer in affirmations and the law of attraction and attempts to apply these principles in her daily life which has evidenced the positive outlook on life which she has been able to create and manifest for herself.


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Shelters for women and children:

North York women shelter : https://nyws.ca/

La Maison : https://www.lamaison-toronto.org/


Episode 68: She does it messy, transforming fear into fuel.

Guest: Rachael Abah

Rachael dives deep into sharing that part of her untold story where she ignored her inner voice, got married, later divorced, and through the process she gained clarity, courage, and confidence, which permitted her to recommit to herself. She identifies as a supernatural human from a young age, she found it difficult to tame her gifts, given she couldn’t make sense of her experiences. This later led her to feel vulnerable and exposed. Rachael frequently questioned her identity, wondered who she was expected to be, while she had a great deal of awareness as a baby and toddler, it was difficult to communicate what she was experiencing before she could verbalize and could articulate her needs. As she grew up, she was conditioned to believe she’s not safe to express and reveal, and who she was had no place to be. She developed a pattern which informed how Rachael would show up in the world, she didn’t feel she could trust or integrate with others. She experienced a great deal of loneliness which she normalized, but continued to feel like an outsider, never felt included even when others included her. Rachael shared she really didn’t know how to let people into her life, as she felt she would be harmed in some way. Rachael described how her mental health was impacted over time. She describes feeling she disappeared inside of herself, in a prison with no freedom; feeling arrested, stuck, full of self-doubt, churning in confusion. Rachel felt disconnected from herself, felt she had to numb all feelings at times wondered she could survive this life and stay afloat. Her key message to the listeners is that: the world is waiting for you; you are worthy of prioritizing your life; your wants and needs matter; people are waiting for you to share your story and hear your voice; unapologetically be you, you are who you are; we are all valuable to each other.


Guest Bio: Rachael Abah is a supreme guide and courage mentor to highly intuitive and creative people. She’s in the business of supporting other highly intuitive people embrace their high sensing gifts as healing medicine. She’s a spiritual thought leader, whose training includes: transpersonal experiential psychotherapy, medicine-wheel facilitation, English literature & mythology, world religions, spiritual sciences, heart core leadership, and wealth-consciousness mindset. 

Rachael’s profound wisdom and guidance can inspire positive transformation, and wealth generation in people’s lives. She encourages individuals that she works with in becoming bold, feeling seen, and accepting themselves as whole-complete beings, without judgement. Her unique healing modality supports clients in conscious practices of clarity, courage, compassion, and committed action, to feel worthy, confident, productive, and powerful. She welcomes collaborations with other healers, creatives, and leaders committed to excellence, and dynamic growth. 


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Dr. Roz’s Healing Place. Supporting women and their children fleeing domestic violence, heal and feel empowered.