Learn what fear is and how it shows up in your life so you can channel those fears! Watch 24-minute video

Learn what fear is and what it looks like to you!

  • Dominating your fear
  • Cultivating your superpower
  • Regaining control
  • Get Unstuck
  • Deeply connected
  • Dive deeper
  • Fully aware

Who Is This Video For?

This FREE video is designed for people who are seeking to get unstuck from fear.

This is for you, if you’ve struggled to start your day, you know you are STUCK. 

Content includes 24 minutes of sneak peek and strategies to unlearn your fear. Inside the course you’ll find: 

video tutorials 


practical tips

and more…

Your Trainer -

Salima Jadavji

MSW, RSW, C.Hyp™

Hello There! I’m Salima Jadavji and I welcome you on your journey of change and transformation. If you’re ready to work hard together, so am I.

Life can get in the way of your dreams. You picture what you want life to be, but feeling stuck and not knowing where to start is holding you back. Not only does this stop you from achieving your life goals, but it can also impact your self-worth, relationships, work performance and health.

What you will learn


Unlearn Your Fears

Man standing on mountain with arms wide open


Regain Control



Get Unstuck

This is What My Students have to say:

Ruth B.

“This course was completely eye-opening for me to get in touch with and understand the root of my fears. Salima was able to bridge theoretical and practical components seamlessly, she used simple language and she really encourages you to let your guard down with yourself and really learn about your vulnerabilities and then how to soothe them.” 

Anthony C.

“Since completing this program, I’ve learned so much about myself, I’ve learned what obstacles are getting in the way, both the ones I have control over and the ones I don’t have control over. I’ve learned how to step into my power and really have embraced self-love. Thank you Salima for the heart and detail you put into this program, I have never come across a self-help program like this before.” 

Janette S.

Salima‘s program is amazing, you have to put in the work, but every minute is an investment, it was for me. She teaches you how to name your struggles and what holds you back and she has so much knowledge to help you learn to pivot and really tap into inner resilience. She uses a variety of ways to compliment her teaching methods and it really enhanced my learning.”

How to take back control and claim the life of your dreams!

This is a powerful place where you can create abundance for yourself and your family. Make it easy for people to fall in love with you and get to know your amazing personality. You are here to impact the world with your gifts and talents. It’s easy to get confused and off course, so let’s get you back on track.

See you there!