Excessive Worry and Anxiety

Breathing in, I calm body and mind

Breathing out, I smile

Dwelling in the present moment

I know this is the only moment.

— Thich Nhat Hanh


Recently you have been experiencing the feelings and sensations of suffocation.

There are so many tasks to do on a regular basis; managing one important list of tasks after another, as you complete one task, several others pop up, leaving you to feel like you are sinking and doubting if you will be able to go on much longer.


Always and consistently with the mindset…


  • When the project completes, it will be a better time
  • When I hit that bonus or promotion that’s coming, then I can take some time to myself
  • When I make partner or exceed that target, then I can think about self-care and maybe even taking a holiday

So here’s the situation, even when you meet your targets – what you set out for yourself, you don’t take time to pause or embrace or even celebrate the success because you are on to even bigger ideas and before you know it you are battling the “next BIG thing” like a mindless pig in mud!

Even when you tell yourself, “it’s not about the money or for any financial gain”, and your intent is attaining liberation, you just seem to be a little out of touch from getting close enough to it.


The juggling act of career demands, fulfilling expectations and the desire to be able to focus on the “now” with the people in your world, it continues to cycle and when just one area of responsibility suffers, it all spins out of control.


You are starting to feel the physical effects – your body is NOT getting the attention it deserves. Your body is screaming for help, yelling at you in its not way…think about it…you are tired, your body aches, your sleeping sucks, you find yourself neglecting your body more and more as you engage in the habits that keep you afloat and that are less than ideal for you.


You are now making the connection that no matter what you do, you can’t seem to find a way to relaxlet go and chill. Feeling on edge, feeling tension in your muscles, or discomfort in your stomach…. And nothing to make these sensations to go away.


It’s hard to keep a sleep routine, you need to rely on something to help you sleep, you have trouble falling and staying asleep, and don’t feel like you sleep all night when it is time to get up.


You have decided to PUT AN END TO THIS HOT MESS and take the time to figure out how you are going to embrace the life you have built for yourself and take in all the efforts and sweat that has gone into everything that has gotten you to where you are for you and your loved ones.

Man standing looking over a railing

What you need to know…

This negative cycle is no longer serving you well, you are stuck, and the more blood, sweat, and effort you put in, the more worry and anxiety take control and get you to keep going longer and harder.


This worry and anxiety trend you’ve got going on is unstoppable and really is a bane in your existence. 


You need to come to terms that the worry and anxiety has served you well – honour it and then let it go. Thank it for getting you to move when others may have stopped.


Acknowledge that it has allowed you to tap into strengths like determination, relentless focus, motivation for success, drive and passion.


NOW… it’s time to reclaim control, take it back, get a firm grip on the reigns and put worry and anxiety in place.


Together, we can re-work goals for yourself, get a schedule in place that’s realistic and includes putting yourself first and adding joy and fun back into your life?  So, are you ready for the ride…


This means we could get on a roller coaster ride, we could hang on tight while we expose fear of failure, the idea of disappointing people, and questioning self-worth. We will work together to increase that confidence from the inside out and help you find your style to cope with your anxieties and I will empower you to become comfortably uncomfortable.