My actions are my only true belongings. I cannot escape the consequences of my actions. My actions are the ground upon which I stand.

— Thich Nhat Hanh

  • So you might be feeling uncertain about going to therapy, you have to start with intake paperwork at the start – to be completed before attending your first session. Then we meet at your initial assessment session, you start talking (everything you share stays in complete and strict confidence).
  • Once you start therapy -Staying on top of homework and home practice can pay off in your sessions.
  • And you may experience a multitude of emotions or at least a wide range of feelings like sadness, fear, discomfort, and even joy, peace and optimism.
  • You will leave your first session with an idea of what comes next and an idea of what you are ready to face and explore through our time together.
  • Cost per session is dependent on the length of a session chosen and whether or not you are attending an individual session or joint therapy session. Please refer to the fees page for full details. 
  • Attending therapy is an investment of your time and emotions, it is an opportunity to adjust the way you see the world if you are willing and committed to putting in the time and emotional vulnerability. 
  • Another way to look at the therapy investment is that it is the ‘mental and emotional health education’ that never happened when you were in school. 
  • ….and of course – you are worth it, taking care of your emotional, psychological, and spiritual health and well-being is an investment you can’t put a price on.
  • Some health insurance programs cover the costs associated with seeing a clinician with a minimum of a Master’s Degree. You will need to check if coverage is provided under social work services, psychological services or psychotherapy services.
  • You will need to check with your particular insurance company and group plan to ensure exactly what type and amount of coverage you have. If your benefits insurance plan does cover these services, you will need to submit a copy of your receipt to them. If your plan has other counselling coverage, it may be possible to have your employer make a small change to the insurance plan.
  • No – there is no set amount of sessions that you will need to come to therapy. There is also no set rule for how often you attend sessions. Some clients may just require a shorter term counselling model and some may be more suited for longer term therapy. For many people, it is helpful to attended weekly sessions to start and then gradually transition to bi-weekly sessions when you start meeting your goals.
  • For the process to be effective, it is important what you take in session and apply it in your daily life.
  • To start, it is important to highlight that online therapy can be just as effective as in-person therapy. It is popular for its convenience, while offering the same level of support and confidentiality measures.
  • Using a secure platform for video counselling, this allows for some web interaction and allow conversations to flow organically. 
  • As long as you are registered in our system – after your consultation screening call is completed and you decide that you wish to pursue counselling, you will receive an email notification to create your own username and password, and it will give you access to book your appointment, your modality (online/telehealth) and as long as you have connection to the internet, have a private and safe place to talk, I will initiate the video call at the scheduled time and we will get the conversation started!
  • Let’s start with getting your complimentary telephone consultation call, so click on any of the links that directs you to start with a call, you will fill out a brief survey that takes just a few minutes, once it is decided that you are ready to start, I will send you intake forms via the client portal for you to complete and sign and send back electronically. Your first session will be scheduled and we will establish goals that can help guide you during this challenging time.
  • Once clearance is provided from public health authorities to lift physical distancing practices, telephone sessions will come to a close and clients will be given the option to return to the office for in-person sessions or continue with online sessions using the secure video platform.