Meet Salima

My mission is life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.

— Maya Angelou

My ultimate goal in helping each client is to be able to support, guide, and empower them to get to their best self and gain the skills and insights to reclaim their new selves and their independence in the shortest amount of time.

My goal is to work hard to help you sort and navigate through the negativities and uncertainties so that you can soar above all on your own.


My goal is to work with you to help you find your truth so you can rebuild your emotional strength and mental stamina, and get to a position or place where you can heal and fly and be a resilient independent being.


Finding your ‘right fit‘ therapist is time consuming, so before I share with you my educational background, training and experience, I first want to take some time for you to learn about the types of clients I tend to have success with, as this can be a determining factor for whether or not I am the right fit for you. I have had my own lived experience of life challenges and tribulations, particularly those that show up like an unexpected curveball as well as the ones that come toppling down like the ‘domino effect’ – and because of these cumulative experiences, it has helped me shape my clinical practice with profound insight, given me gratitude that I hold for my clients narratives, and holds me accountable to helping clients directly sift through their perceived chaos and reach their true core.

The Clients Which I Have Most Success With Are:
  • Those looking to work on their perfectionism, ‘imposter syndrome’, stress management, anxiety, depression, relationship issues among others.
  • Clients who understand that I may not have all the answers or be able to assist in some circumstances, however, I will fully acknowledge any mistakes, welcome your honest feedback and use these learning experiences to better help you and understand your needs for the future.
  • Those that understand that I cannot fix or make you better, having awareness that only you can do that, while you show commitment and motivation to work hard in a therapeutic context.
  • Clients who welcome helpful feedback and allow the process of being open to the unknown elements that come through during therapy.
  • Clients who are seeking balance for both day-to-day needs for better symptom management control, while emphasizing working through and resolving underlying root issues of your presenting concerns. Acknowledging the need to delve into the roots of each issue and learn how to make healthy decisions and set out healthy boundaries.
  • Those who enjoy the context of natural and balanced conversations, using terms and language that are easily understood, while explaining any concepts that can be confusing or complex.

I am ready to help you progress and move forward… Are you ready to make these shifts?

I am ready to give you unconditional positive regard… Are you ready to receive it?

I am ready to guide you to your own best solutions… Are you ready to explore and navigate with me?