Meet the Team
Our Team Driven Values

Commitment and Dedication

Driven in the decision and promise to all individuals that are served by Dare to Heal that we’ve got you! Walking along side your every step as you take your steps to heal.

Passion, Fun and Diving Deep

The belief that passion and fun is our fuel for going deeper and exploring beyond the surface, unlayering right to your core, while paying attention to all the subtleties that show up in and around you.

Humility, Integrity, Trust and Awareness

Telling the truth, taking accountability, making ethical decisions, for the benefit of the people, placing all individuals served with utmost priority, know that you are safe and in good hands.

Our Team
Profile photo of Stephanie Hanley smiling in a green park with flamingoes
Stephanie Hanley

Social Worker

“I’m passionate about children, tweens and teens. I understand that being  anywhere from age of 10-14 can be a particularly challenging time on all fronts of development, whether it be personal, emotional, academic or behavioural related. I hope to support and help navigate today’s emerging youth work through pressures around family, society, peers, and help them in their transformation by guiding them to identify emotions, harness resiliency, and recover their strengths. “

Sharmin Sikder

Special Projects Lead & Coordinator

“I believe our minds are a powerful tool that can allow us to create transformative changes to our lives. This deeply drives my passion about mental health and supporting people find a sense of order and peace in the midst of chaos.”

Stephanie Hanley MSW, RSW is skilled in treating pre-teens and teens. With passion for mental health and her soft spot for emerging teens, she is able to build rapport quickly and support clients in fun and engaging ways.


Stephanie is highly skilled to assist with emotion regulation, behavioural issues, managing general and social anxiety, depression and low mood, developing and transforming sense of self, amoung other mental health challenges.


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Sharmin is committed and dedicated to all things mental health. She brings talent, enthusiasm, and her special touch and taking anything raw and transforming it into art of her own.


She comes equipped with a background in psychology, certified in criminal psychology, near completion of her certification in Solution Focused Brief Therapy and Counselling, and is currently enrolled in a Master’s level counselling program in Mental Health and Psychological Therapies, we hope she finishes soon so she can transition over to the clinical team.