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Breaking down the barriers of mental stigma. Embracing the 'mental beauty re-think'.

‘Dare to share your untold story’ has been brought to you with the intention to breakdown barriers of mental stigma and invite guests into a safe space to share with vulnerability their full story -- no matter what part of the journey that they are in, beginning, middle or end. As a society we are conditioned to keep some of our most painful stories a secret. No matter what we each have suffered with or what strife we have faced -- there is always a part of our story that remains untold. The ‘untold story’ has a lot to do with the impact on mental health which we shy away from sharing. So, let’s expose what we suppress and embrace the invitation of ‘mental beauty’.

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The notion of embracing ‘mental beauty’ is the next way to see mental health

... and when you dare to share... you break the silence, speak your truth, use your voice, and inspire others to do the same.


Episode 1: A Miracle Baby: She Dares to Share her Imperfect Truth

Guest: Salima Jadavji – the hostess herself,interviewed by Sharmin Sikder

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About Salima

With almost two decades of expertise within the community sectors, private organizations, healthcare and education institutions, I am Salima Jadavji your podcast host(ess), a clinical social worker and your mental wellness connoisseur.

Meet the hostess

I thoroughly enjoy the work that I do, I truly embody that my purpose in life is to be in service of others and I have embraced with grace what I do for a living, knowing it has had a positive impact on those I serve. I have definitely gone through my fair share of life turbulences, worked through my own journey, and come out the other side. And I’ve gotta say, I feel more than alive, and as I thrive, I want to be able to give back in every way

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