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Perfectionism and Resiliency

Perfectionism is a self destructive and addictive belief that fuels this primary thought: If I look perfect, and do everything perfectly, I can avoid or minimize the painful feelings of shame, judgement, and blame.

— Thich Nhat Hanh


You used to show up with perfectionism as if it were an accolade of some kind, something you were proud of, and would allow it to dictate your mind, body and spirit.

Perfectionism found its way into your life and has served you the very best it could. Your high caliber of success, exceeding your potential and setting that bar even higher – couldn’t have happened with your sidekick… aka… perfectionism.


You tend to agonize to the point of excess where it has expensed your wellbeing, compromised your social life, or maybe even negatively impacted your relationships. You are your biggest critic, telling yourself that you are not good enough, finding that you compare yourself to others – always zooming in on how your achievements don’t measure up to theirs.


The issue is extreme perfectionism can be very damaging, it can actually stop you from achieving and the root of it all is that it gets you too scared of failing to even try!


I have learned a thing or two about perfectionistic tendencies and the challenges that are brought forward in session is this internal narrative that if it’s not perfect, it’s not acceptable, and this leads to other thoughts of failure. So much of your struggle for perfectionism comes from fear of disapproval and the need to please… and this is attached to your fear of failure.


To add to this perfectionistic fuel is that you are viewed as a hero, and a hero complex once attained is hard to brush off. It becomes your new norm and just until you are concealed under so many tasks and lists that haven’t begun, and it only seems endless in sight.


Waiting for the perfect moment, can get you tangled up in procrastination, avoidance tendencies, and this only takes you to the place of feeling the rise of your inner critic shaming you, putting you down, and judging every fibre in your being.


Perfectionism is a roadblock to progress and overall success. 

Let me help you lift those barriers and help you get to where you want to go with confidence and esteem with your head held high.


I am here to help. 


I can move you from perfectionism to resiliency. I will help you to recognize the source of where your perfectionism comes from whether it stems from childhood, family dynamics, culture and societal expectations, personal standards, or social prescriptions.

Together, we will identify your strengths and talents and recognize your achievements as successes, and I will help you to recognize your procrastinating behaviours and help you learn ways to avoid unhealthy comparisons and setting unrealistic goals.

We will work to uncover your hidden strengths and bring them into your conscious awareness. I will help you re-evaluate your perceptions and develop positive views of yourself, your abilities and your achievements. We will work together to address control issues and develop an optimistic view of your life.

So let’s be serious… life is fast paced and when you least expect it, life throws us curveballs that require us to adapt

So let’s dismantle the perfectionism, set it free and make space for a new set of tools that can lead you to feeling resilient. 

The more resilient you become the more likely you are to try without fear getting in the way and fixating on ‘potential’ failure. You will move away from fear of disapproval and shift towards the idea that if you simply do your best and enjoy the journey it opens up far more opportunities for success.

Invite me on your journey so I can witness your process and help you get to where you want to go.

We can work together to identify your strengths, reframe your perceptions and heighten your resiliency so you can move forward and thrive. Together, we can leave perfectionism behind, liberating your full potential to thrive. If you dare to heal…Let’s Talk! Creating Wellness step-by-step.

I am here to help!