Sleep Troubles and Insomnia

It is a common experience that a problem difficult at night is resolved in the morning after the committee of sleep has worked on it.

— John Steinback


You don’t feel rested; the next day you can’t fall asleep or stay asleep also… and the cycle gets worse and as each day progresses the cycle worsens, you are spinning, and you just keep going with no good sleep status.

Whether you have had sleep issues from the past or whether you could sleep comfortably anytime that you wanted to sleep. Your life right now has a full spectrum of responsibility, more things to worry about and more obstacles to sleeping soundly.

Your mind may need time to shut off….. Right now you are taking worries to bed with you, leaving you tossing, turning and restless.

Whatever your affair with sleep past or present, when people are suffering from lack of sleep or insomnia it brings on a sense of loneliness, a vulnerability for those who are awake when others are sound asleep – you are awake for hours on end and it feels like no one is there for you.

You may have even tried an over the counter sleep aid; prescription sleep aids or natural supplements for sleep – all within reach and maybe you keep “the strong stuff” that works for those ‘SPECIAL AWAKE LONELY NIGHTS’ just so you can get some shut eye.

When you try to explain to those around you about your sleep struggles and sleep issues, everyone chimes in ready to give you their 2 cents on what their ‘NON EXPERT ADVICE’ can offer…limit your caffeine and screen time, tire yourself out before sleeping, use essential oils, don’t take naps…. and with desperate measures…you try it all… And no matter what you try – you still find yourself awake, in bed, alone….not much further along.

What you really want to do is find a way to calm the internal chatter, quiet your mind, let go of thoughts and be able to get through one night with sleeping = SUCCESS!!


Sleeping right now feels like a chore, what a drag, and really this should be something you look forward to as your day naturally comes to an end, the same way that people look forward to starting each new day in the morning when we first wake up.

You are ready to explore and tackle your right fit SLEEP FORMULA and leave all the advice from the other ‘non experts’, from Doctor Google, and suggestions from other chat forums and groups.


Imagine if tomorrow was the day that you would wake up after a full night’s sleep, and you feel replenished, revived, and able to have your day start. What would you notice about your productivity, how effective you are in getting tasks done and doing so without the fixation or focusing on what the lack of sleep is doing to you and knowing you still have to try something to get to sleep – that chore, the one that leaves you feeling punished.


So if you could wake up with the absence of feeling that sleeping is like a chore, and instead feeling freed from this chore which now comes with ease… And you can soar through the day ahead… take the control back.


I am here to help… creating wellness step-by-step.


I treat sleep issues and insomnia using an integrative approach that can teach you to be self-reliant without the need for sleep aides and no longer dismissing yourself that you are a lost cause for attaining healthy sleep.


I complete thorough assessments and integrate information that I ask you to keep note of in a sleep log or sleep diary so that I can better understand the intricacies and nuances to your sleep patterns.


With your permission, I will work alongside your family physician or your sleep specialist and address any physiological issues that can be triggered.

I like to take opportunities to look at the sleep narrative you have embodied over time and help you transform this narrative and any other belief that could be catering to the insomnia you are dealing with.


Together, we can look at your current sleep struggle with all the necessary data and tools, get a clear picture of where you want to be, and it’s time to take your first step forward to healing your sleep struggle.


I’m here to help you, you are not alone…so… let’s dare-to-sleep…