Women's Support Group... Marry Yourself First!

What a liberation to realize that the “voice in my head” is not who I am. Who am I then? The one who sees that.

— Eckhart Tolle

Vows to self

… a sneak peek into what this group is all about:

  1.  For Richer or Poorer
  • Self-love, right now, this moment, exactly as you are
  • Lock yourself in in the exact way that you are in this moment, embrace without any change.
  • This mindset will help you get you to where you want to go. 
  1.     For Better or For Worse
  • We tend to love ourselves when things are good very naturally, however, it is the “for worse” – the disappointment part that we need to learn to embrace.
  • Learn the importance to agree to stay with yourself NO MATTER WHAT, be gentle and mean it! 
  1.     In Sickness and In Health
  • Self-forgiveness – don’t let the inner critic have a voice, keep in mind that a mistake is not a failure, you learn and grow from mistakes.
  • Learn to sit by your bedside and nurse yourself, learn to hold your own hand, how to nurse and comfort yourself, learn to count on yourself, completely self-reliant. 
  1.     To Have and To Hold Yourself 
  • Love yourself the way you want someone to love you
  • Process of becoming whole.
  • There is transformation and truth.
  • Attaining wholeness; there is no more feeling that something is missing.
  • Ability to love others for who they are and what they are; from a place of abundance.
  • The transformation brings clearly.
  • The ability to express, explore, give and discover from a place of wholeness.
  • Reflecting at each step.
Mountains and Oceans…whether your journey is hiking up a mountain or finding your way to the bottom of the sea, and finding that courage from within to get you there, along with your voices of wisdom, voices of truth and be able to say to yourself…