Episode 3: A Teen’s Mental Health Voyage into the Midst of Anxiety

Guest: Khayali Dhanji

As a teenager, Khayali shares the intimate details of her self-discovery journey through the lens of mental health, and not only sharing about her struggles with anxiety, but that of depression and everything else that tagged along. Khayali, braves with vulnerability and discloses her mental health diagnoses, how things went sideways before they got better, and shares details of the exact moment that things started to shift for her.

 Through it all, Khayali has been able to find the silver lining in her struggle, she has been able to identify where she feels she sits in this her part of the journey, her reframe of the feeling of thriving as she faces her adversities, the hard truths of what she was impacted by, as well as her overall growth as a person. She talks about how empathy has become her superpower and Khayali shares words of wisdom to all listeners to unapologetically embrace all parts of yourself and show up that way in the world.


Guest Bio: Khayali is a grade 12 student at Mulgrave School in West Vancouver. Known to her family as an ‘overachiever’, when Khayali is not at school or studying, she can be found running her own business – Mix Munch N’ Lunch, volunteering for various service initiatives, or in the theatre backstage. Despite her friendly and outgoing demeanor, she understands what it is like to struggle with invisible battles and hopes to use her story to change the perception of mental illness. She recently presented a TEDEd Talk on the subject and hopes to continue raising awareness on mental illness.


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