Episode 5: The Inner Tale of Shifting from Self-Hate to Self-Love

Guest: Karen Day

Karen shares her intimate journey of how she captivated love for herself, after a dire suicide attempt, and how this became her benchmark for the work she does now as a therapist herself, where she leads the role of guiding people through their ‘dark soul of the night’.

Karen talks about how she has worked her path so deeply and intuitively that she is no longer emotionally triggered as she thinks back vividly to such a dark time in her life. Karen expresses that she can feel all her feelings and still feel fully intact — because for her, integration has occurred, and she now has the capacity to talk about the painful experience, remain present in the here-and-now, and not be triggered. Karen unveils how this single experience, the attempt on her life, changed her and with openness towards metaphysical literature, and commitment to life above all else.

Karen’s message to listeners is to start with a spiritual practice if you don’t have one already even if you are not religious; learn to sit in silence and transcend your thought-based way of living; don’t waste a good crisis; whatever you do, don’t have tea with the monster; invite self-compassion in and really let it sink in.


Guest Bio: Karen Day is the President of Daybreak Therapy and Training – an international network of professionals dedicated to mind-body-spirit connections in counselling, coaching and the healing arts. She is the author of ‘Breaking The Worry Trance’ e-course, and is also lead developer of “Creating Sacred Spaces” — Canada’s only annual conference dedicated solely to the advancement of best practices in holistic psychotherapy. Karen is a Registered Social Worker and Clinical Counselling Hypnotherapist, specializing in integrative psychotherapy with anxiety and trauma related issues.


Passionate about: HeartMath Institute, www.heartmath.com