Episode 21: From Conservative Patriarchy to Sexual Health + Eroticism

Guest: Kelly Swartz

Kelly talks about what it was like to grow up in an extremely patriarchal environment, where women were supposed to be a certain way, where they needed to come across as nice, to be not outspoken, to be educated, but to also be geared towards marriage and children as the completion of what all is meant to be for a woman. She shares how it’s hard to constantly be fighting to be acknowledged and to pave her individual path on her own terms. Kelly shares how initially she was studying medicine at first and later quit medical school when she was exposed to the idea that she can have a life of her own on her own terms. She speaks about how there is no sexual education taught in public schools, that teachers would tear pages out of teaching books, and this led her to her own curiosity of erotic literature and sexuality. She speaks about suffering from depression and going through some dark moments and expressed the gratitude for being able to have the resources to overcome it. Her key message to the listeners is that: mental health looks differently for each person, what you need will look different from one person to another; friends and family can be there to support you but not fix you; not matter what the struggle is, get professional help; don’t follow a path because someone wants you to do it — do it because it’s something that sparks passion and curiosity inside you.


Guest Bio: Erotic Expert and Health Coach Kelly Swartz has been working in the areas of sexuality and expression for more than a decade. A published author and graduate of the Institute of Integrative Nutrition’s program in Holistic Health Coaching, she holds a master’s degree in Critical Theory and is a PhD Candidate in Erotic Literature. She is a seasoned speaker who appears on many media platforms, sharing her knowledge and educating others on topics like self intimacy, self-seduction, and erotic literature. Kelly is originally from Mexico City and lives in Toronto, where her health coaching practice lives while she has the ability to serve clients around the world.


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