Episode 36: Dreams Do Come True When You Breakthrough ‘Your’ Shackles

Guest: Dr. Naira Velumyan

Dr. Naira takes the time to convey what it was like to be a child of divorce from the age of three being brought up in Moscow, Russia. Expressing that her mother was busy with her personal life and her father oblivious to her needs, Dr. Naira felt alone from this young age. She grew up having self-doubt, not confident in her abilities, though aspiring to be a perfectionist in anything she put her mind to. She married at the age of 16 where she strongly believes that after marrying her husband this is where the beginning of her personal growth began. She immersed herself in several career avenues, had two children and parted ways with her ‘shying away’ tendencies. Dr. Naira suffered an unimaginable loss of her husband’s murder at the age of 23, where it took twenty days to recover his body, after which she contemplated ending her own life. During her professional training and exploration with Jungian theory, she was able to connect with grief and loss for the first time and found herself in tears for the duration of a week. All these tears led her to a transformation of smiling where she had not since childhood, learning to laugh, feel her feelings and have fun. Her key message to the listeners is that: you’re not alone; even when you don’t feel it, there is someone there for you; go seek the element of your missing puzzle piece; plant your seeds into the soil — growth takes time, it won’t be seen right away, but take care of your soil.


Guest Bio: Dr. Naira currently resides both in Canada and Russia and holds a Ph.D. in Psychology and is an international Coach and Speaker on Effective Communication and Building Relationships. Dr. Naira is the Founder of the Academy of Social Competency which specializes in the training of self-confidence, communication and relationship building skills for people all over the world. Dr. Naira has trained hundreds of people and addressed hundreds of family cases. She is the author of online programs that are geared towards communication, conflict management, confidence and self-esteem, healthy couple relationships, and parent-child relationships.


Dr. Naira’s professional hobby is art. Possessing a degree of Art History and Critics, she integrates symbolism of art within her coaching practices. She is a successful entrepreneur with 23-years of experience in business, who believes in the power of collaboration and leadership. As a founding member of the Immigrant Women in Business Association, she actively supports young entrepreneurs and is the creator of franchise-like programs for those who would like to work with children and teenagers in developing their social-emotional skills.


Passionate about: Inspired and encouraged with the support she has received from

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