Episode 45: Ending the Era of the Uncertainty, the Imposter, & the ‘Infertility Stigma’

Guest: Alyza Raithatha

Alyza pours her heart into sharing how the imposter within her emerged, while successfully masking it for years to her external world. She speaks about the internal struggle of fearing to let her guard and let herself see her true worth. Alyza openly talks about what it is like to grow up in a home where she witnessed her father’s abusive personality take a toll on her mother, while not having any abuse directed to herself. She found she often walked on eggshells as it was unclear what tone her father would be expressing on any given day. Alyza speaks about how second guessing herself became her nature, continuously wondering if she was ever enough, and battled to accept her accomplishments and successes as they occurred. She also shares how her overall mental well being stifled which led to the development of coping with anxiety, worrying about worst case scenarios, constantly in anticipation of something to happen, suppressing her emotions and shutting herself down as she didn’t know how to talk about it or even acknowledge it. Once she was able to seek out therapy and have her supports in place, she started to openly share with others what some of the life struggles she has experienced, how this activated the imposter from within and how the anxiety manifested for her. She is an advocate for mental health now while she continues to pay attention to her own mental well-being. Her key message to the listeners is that: look at mental health as a whole; it is equally important to go see a doctor for physical health as it is to check out your mental health and check in with yourself and have conversations with therapists; and stop worrying about what others may think and consider what is most important to you.


Guest Bio: Alyza was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya until she moved to Canada in the year 2000.  She now resides in Toronto, Ontario with her husband and two young children. With a vision to elevate healthcare to a truly patient-centred model she co-founded Integra Health Centre in 2015 and is currently the Chief Operating Officer. With her core beliefs in mind, Integra was built to bring a truly integrated and collaborative model of care that benefits patient outcomes in ways never seen before in traditional healthcare models. Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Alyza realized from a young age that a true way to affect change is to be the driver in that change.


Alyza loves to travel and immerse herself in different cultures as she truly believes that looking outside the bubble we live in is where real understanding and growth happens. Her wealth of experiences around the world have helped in shaping the beliefs she has for healthcare including mental health and its accessibility and delivery. 


Passionate about:  Social Services Network – https://ssnon.com/