Episode 47: Pain, Struggles, Roadblocks + The Road to Success

Guest: Brittany Langille

Brittany gives us a deep dive into her challenging upbringing as a child and all the disorder that came her way. While facing adversity, she highlights how she drew from a place of strength, resiliency, and perseverance that has shaped her into who she has become today. Some of the odds that Brittany faced included coming from a family of divorce and having a young mother (who is currently a missing persons’ case) who did not know how to parent, instead maintaining her ‘party life’ and leaving Brittany at the age of 6 to take care of her younger siblings, as well as struggling in school and overhearing a teacher share an opinion with her father that she wasn’t going to make it through higher education. All of this culminated in Brittany developing people-pleasing tendencies, low-self-esteem, and learning to bottle her feelings and not express what she truly felt. Brittany expressed what it was like to crying all alone at times and she just didn’t know how to sort out articulate her difficult feelings, she felt confusion about having to constantly adjust to the living standards between each parent’s home and sat in silence bearing the agony of deep pain. Her key message to the listeners is that: everyone has hardships in life and it doesn’t matter where you come from, what matters is where you want to go and where you go is really up to you; if you want that chance, it is yours to take, it will come with a great deal of effort and trying times –  many will tell you that you will fail, but connect with what you want and set your mind to it; and feel all your feelings, including extreme sadness and know there is always someone to reach out to.


Guest Bio: Brittany grew up in Toronto, Ontario, and is the eldest of 6 siblings. Brittany had dreams of becoming a teacher; she worked tirelessly to obtain two university degrees, one from the University of Guelph, and the other from Queens University. Brittany now resides in Nashville, Tennessee where her career has really taken off. Brittany began her career in substitute teaching in Bowling Green, Kentucky, to then working in procurement for a senior living company managing their healthcare contracts. Brittany presently holds the role of Director of Provider Network Development for Wellpath.

As well as her thriving career, Brittany lives with her husband Benson who is her number one supporter and they have been together since age 16. Together, they have an 8-month-old son Sebastian and a wonderful dog named Hudson, and Brittany is enjoying learning to have a work life balance as a new mom. Brittany also loves to travel the world and has been to 16 countries! She enjoys packing up with her husband and exploring, and now brings their son along – who has already been to California twice, Florida, and Toronto!


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