Episode 75: Triggered by his wife’s Mental Health Journey, Led him to Uncover his Own

Guest: Faizan Sabzaali

Held back by fear and core beliefs, Faizan was brought to his vulnerability to face his own truth, despite his deep knowledge and understanding of human behaviour. After reflecting on his own belief systems, he expressed that approximately 5 years ago things started to change for him when he dealt with his own financial failure and experiencing the intense feeling of almost losing his wife to the darkness of depression. Faizan talks about fear he experienced keeping him from being able to help his wife during the fragility of her ailments. He admits that while he had the knowledge and tools on how to help himself, he didn’t know how to embody the concepts for himself. He tapped into a crucial pattern he would come up against of this need to have control in his life and he took a deeper glance of where it came from. Faizan worked through narratives of feeling unlovable, unworthy, and not feeling good enough, and intense worries about his wife leaving him. He realized he struggled to let love in, and then started to work on his process to continue to build awareness and gain new insights about his core. Learning to trust, asking for help, and finding support led him to see how important it is to be able to lean on someone that can hold that light of hope. His key message to the listeners is that: don’t take anything personally, whatever is happening out there is not about you; always do your best no matter what and acknowledge that you have given it your best, then embody it; give others the benefit of the doubt, they too are doing their best; do your emotional work, introspect and take responsibility of your emotions.


Guest Bio: Faizan works with self-aware, high achievers who are ready for the next step in their personal and professional lives. His transformational coaching helps his clients identify blind spots, address their patterns, and confidently move forward. He has worked as a technology consultant for over 25 years and found that change of any kind was more difficult to influence than any of the technology challenges. His work with his clients, his deep interest in people and what makes them tick, and reflecting on life’s existential questions helped him see different perspectives that were mostly in conflict with a traditional upbringing.

Faizan provides life and relationship coaching while still maintaining a career in the technology field while living in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, with his wife and two kids. Faizan is the husband of one of our earlier guests from Episode 13 – Dr. Saira – who so fearlessly dived deep to take us through her mental health journey. With Dr. Saira’s permission, her husband – Faizan is here to give us his personal take on this mental health journey and the impacts and insights it has had on his own mental well-being.

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