Episode 78: The overbearing feeling of “limitation” and its detriments to his mental health, combined with grief

Guest: Dawson Wood

Dawson unpacks how he was in survival mode in his third year of university, impacted by academic stressors, resuming in-person learning post COVID restrictions and a simultaneous process with his ailing grandmother who passed away from a long battle with Alzheimer’s. For Dawson, the impact of the various stressors meant a fierce contest with depression, lots of uncomfortable emotions, enduring lots of crying, a difficult encounter with a university professor and the considerations brought to Dawson’s attention to pause academics. Through this journey, he was struck with lack of motivation and imposter syndrome. When he was contending with the 6-month battle with depression, his ability to function daily was limited, he managed to take care of his needs, however, with a great deal of lessening the demand on himself and with each small task requiring great efforts. He found himself comparing himself to others, feeling intense confusion and turmoil, and feeling lost. He constantly wondered and worried about what was going to happen to his grandmother, among other future worries. Dawson also grappled with questioning his self-worth, completely stifled and crumbling as he questioned his own core self.

His key message to the listeners is that: you are important and the things that make up your life are not meaningless; no one is or does anything meaningless; you matter; your existence is valuable.


Guest Bio: Dawson is an award-winning Designer and Entrepreneur based out of Calgary, Alberta. After a successful final year of 2022 at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Dawson’s toy-focused Industrial Design project known as Redboy and the Adventure Crew gained lots of good feedback and eventually became his first product in his new toy company, Playmix Interactive. Growing up, Dawson flourished with the latest in pop culture. As such, he has a love for classic film & TV, LEGO, and Dungeons and Dragons.

Dawson believes that any project is worth a spark of creativity. Projects that he’s involved in are always jam-packed with imagination, and what some would call a “youthful optimism”. This is also what drives the passion of toy making.

As well, he’s worked on various projects in the Digital Media space, including video game products for Bakugan, Sesame Street, and Youtube.

Passionate about:  Ally, battle of a lifetime, friend’s tiktok page, has built her following and firm believer and advocate of mental health.

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