Episode 8: Depression can appear in disguise of one’s smile

Guest: Andrea Accinelli

Andrea provides insights into her journey of depression and how it may not be captured while looking at her from the outside in. For Andrea, it took something of intense caliber to realize that she needed to get the help, and she shares that when a person is faced with depression, they do not have to wait for things to feel so out of control or overwhelming before asking for some help. She shares what it is like to be on anti- depressants, what the adjustment was like when she first started on the medication, and how she is grateful that along with being equipped with a strong support system and healthy coping strategies, the medication has been her lifeline to manage on a regular basis. She shares that it is important for her to remind herself that asking for the help and then doing the work to heal is something she wants to keep in the forefront of her mind, and she doesn’t hold and shame for asking for what she needed at the time – and doesn’t ever want to forget. Andrea’s message to listeners is: don’t be afraid to ask for help, it is available, and you don’t have to go through it unassisted; when you do ask for help it is a step forward; and attending to basic physiological needs — this is a helpful start to getting you to take time to put the focus back on yourself to get back on track.

Guest Bio: Andrea from Unionville, Ontario, is the mother of two teenagers, three cats and married to her lovely husband. Even though her kids are known to keep her busy, she still has time to pursue business opportunities, especially helping others live their best life through the gift of Isagenix. Helping others manage their weight loss journey and earn an extra income at the same time are her business passions. She attended Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, Ontario. She was very happy to publish a book of short stories for young adults in 2007 titled: ‘Matching Panties: 13 Tales of Unmentionables’. She enjoys running thrilling Spartan races – she has completed two Spartan Trifectas and multiple other mud races. She can also be found at fitness kickboxing and lifting weights at the local gym. Andrea is an energetic and devoted business coach.

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