Episode 9: When a Mother Faces Carrying Life and Death in her body

Guest: Farah Nasser

With vulnerability, Farah shares the unimaginable experience of carrying a twin
pregnancy close to full term, learning that one baby passed away and that she had to carry on the pregnancy to keep the other alive. She shares that there is always more to a person’s story than what we may know looking from the outside in. Farah shares her experience of what it was like to connect with her stillborn baby after delivery, and her baby who was quickly taken to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, and then unexpectedly, she was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit herself where she was fighting for her life. All these events left her husband on his own to grieve the loss of their twin baby, care for their newborn and keep his faith that Farah would be able to pull through. Farah shares how she had and has been impacted by this stillbirth, along with what she is grateful for encountering on this journey. Farah says that what she wants to remember about this experience is that she is not alone, everyone has their story, she has learned that it is a process and each person’s process with healing looks different. Her key message to listeners is to: Be brave, if you are dealing with something, know that it is okay to talk about it — it doesn’t make you less, weak or wrong; it’s okay to get help or talk to your employer; give yourself permission to talk about it; you don’t know what the other is going through so, be kind, show compassion and cut people some slack, let’s not be quick to judge!


Guest Bio: Farah Nasser is a well-known evening news anchor on global news, she is an award-winning journalist. Farah has covered at every government level including the main 2018 Ontario provincial election debate. She was also on the ground reporting during major events such as the Toronto van attack, the G20 Summit in 2010 and the “Toronto 18” terror trials.

Farah created notable buzz on social media as the force behind ‘First Time I Was Called’ and ‘Living In Colour’, two digital series’ exploring the experiences of marginalized peoples while giving them a voice. Farah is a TEDx speaker, known for her talk titled: “The Power of Intellectual Humility”.

When she is not busy reporting daily news, Farah can be found volunteering in the community. She regularly speaks at community events and has worked with organizations such as Journalists for Human Rights, the Aga Khan Foundation and the Economic Club of Canada.


Passionate about: NICU’s @ Mt. Sinai Hospital and St. Joseph’s Health Centre, Toronto, both helping the littlest and parents every single day.


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