Episode 12: The Hidden Truths Came to Light + then ‘Fun’ Happened

Guest: Rahim Printer

Rahim shares and details his intimate experience with coming out to his family and identifying himself as part of the LGBTQ community. He took the time to explain that the journey was a long process, it takes time, there are more parts than he realized that are part of the coming out process. He took the time to walk through several elements of his journey, including the parts where he was questioning if who he was, was wrong.
He identified with feeling displaced and unsafe in social circumstances at school, indicating that he was bullied during his younger years and kept it a secret all along with all the shame mingled together. He talks about what he turned to in order to cope with the emotional pain and what behaviours he displayed — all parts of what needed to be part of his safety net. He shed some light on what changed for him when he explored what the community that he now belongs to was like for him at the time. His key message to listeners is: Remember that it is a process, it takes time, there are no quick fixes; adversity is your greatest strength; struggles faced do shape who you become for the better; there is a silver lining, even if you can’t see it at the start!


Guest Bio: Rahim is a national award-winning Human Resources leader who has many years’ experience working in the hospitality industry. Most recently he has found his purpose in Life Coaching where he guides others to overcome adversity and live their legacy!
Rahim is a proud member of the LGBTQ community and advocates for individuals having difficulty coming out to their families. In his spare time, he loves CrossFit and spending time with his partner Dylan, and fur baby, Winnie. He is extremely approachable and fun to chat with. So, if there is anything more you wish to learn about Rahim, he says — just ask!


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