Episode 11: She acknowledged her turmoil, took her stance, and then she rose.

Guest: Clarity Barton

Clarity sits down to talk about the depth of dark times in her journey as she shares about having no healthy memories of her childhood, having endured trauma, physical abuse and patriarchy. She talks about how she was desperate for love, affection and attention. She shares how she felt misunderstood and disconnected from her father, brother and sister, and because her mother was the only person in her life who was not an abuser, Clarity idealized her mother and didn’t see the reality of her mother not showing up in a way that protected her. Through this difficult journey, Clarity expresses that she has found the spark in her heart for her inner child. She explains that when she took the time to look at her inner critic, this is when she started to heal, when she took care of her inner child, she was able to feel and experience compassion for herself, and when she allowed herself to expose her wounds, she could actually experience the wound itself and move through it. Her key message to listeners is to: Always have hope; there is always something that we can do; any journey will require strength, and even the little things count — since small things do add up; the inherent innocence of the inner child spark and heart is beyond all experiences; and we are all more powerful than we think.


Guest Bio: Clarity Barton is a High Priestess, teacher of divine feminine spirituality and a women’s empowerment leader. She is the founder of Awakened Priestess, an online school for modern priestesses. Clarity has been organizing women’s circles, workshops and retreats for the past 6 years in the city of Toronto, Central America, Asia and Europe.

Clarity is passionate about creating compassionate sacred spaces where her sisters can feel heard, seen and celebrated for their inherent beauty and wisdom.

Clarity has studied Spiritual Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction at the Transformational Arts College in Toronto, Canada. With her background in business and marketing, Clarity offers one-on-one business coaching sessions to help her sisters find financial independence and to gain a sense of purpose doing what they love. Clarity also offers individual priestess mentoring programs where she guides and holds space for her sisters with a humble heart and loving intentions. Although she maintains her close ties in Toronto, she has now relocated to Costa Rica and continues to thrive with an international community of women healers.


Passionate about: Wild Woman Awakening Course, an immersive study of the
book: Women who Run with the Wolves by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes.