Episode 15: Resiliency + Thriving: A multi-part journey through grief, ill health and violence

Guest: Amy Syed

Amy tells her full journey filled with turmoil and shares what she endured that
culminates the story of loss, unknowingly becoming the sacrificial lamb of the family, a marriage filled with uncertainty, battling cancer twice, and reeling in with all her might walking away to start a new beginning. She spoke about how perfectionism kept her stuck in a domestic situation where she endured verbal, emotional and physical abuse, and how she leaned in with bravery to find herself, find her inner strength, and looked in the mirror to gain clarity with what she was prepared to do so she could live on her own terms. Amy came to terms with her position and says that she has owned up to her own role in her demise. She learned to embrace her inner child, give herself the love she needed, and worked through the many difficult emotions that showed up throughout her journey. Her key message to listeners is that: shedding the exterior of an old shell is possible; it’s not about the diagnosis, it is about the experience; start to acknowledge your hurt and your pain, and you will understand the deeper layers of yourself and your true wisdom.


Guest Bio: Amy Syed is a Kinesiologist and Rehab Professional and she is also a serial entrepreneur who believes significant impact can be made through intentional business concepts that foster resilience and sustainability. She is the Founder and CEO of FindyourHCP.com and started Amy Syed Enterprises Inc. as the teaching arm of her business to teach others how to use their experiences and genius to create a successful business and career.

Amy is the Host of a podcast named, Calm After the Storm and has been cast on The Social Movement — airing on Apple TV and Amazon Prime in 2022. She is a Humanist and an advocate for the global protection and annihilation of violence against vulnerable women and children and a proud Canadian who is headquartered in Toronto. Amy lives with her 5 children and partner, Amir.


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