Episode 16: Getting there: An inner knowing, despite the repressed + uncovered memories.

Guest: Ross Taylor

Ross shares that his story began when he was just 5 years old, when his father was arrested for a white-collared crime, and though Ross was witness to this, he has no recollection of this time in his life. Ross openly talks about how this experience manifested into a multitude of emotions and behaviours as a young child. He talks about dysregulated emotions where he would act out physically, destroying all his belongings, developed a speech impediment, and though he was a high performer as he progressed on the academics’ side, he discloses that he was bullied and struggled throughout elementary school and high school. Ross came to heads with what he knows now as ‘depression’, is not what he knew at the time when he began university. In this interview, he pours into details about the various emotions he experienced like, sadness, anger, confusion and self-blame. With courage, support and loved ones, he has been able to journey though it all, and now contributes to the mental health field and hopes his contributions make it a better place for others. His key message to listeners is that: just start to open up and reach out to one person, people deserve more credit than you might be willing to give, but if you do — it can really help. It’s all about reaching out and starting with just one person.


Guest Bio: Ross from Burlington, Ontario, is a new father to a 4-month-old son and married to an incredibly supportive wife. Professionally he has worked in corporate health and wellness for the past 11 years, just recently taking a new role to help lead and implement a mental health strategy at Sobeys. Ross has lived with depression since before he even knew what it was. He joins us to talk about how mental illness has impacted his journey, through struggles to the greatest successes of his life.


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