Episode 18: A Journey through Dating, Relationships & finding the ‘One’

Guest: Mr. X

Mr. X speaks about the initial struggles that his family endured when his family first immigrated to Canada, and as his story unfolds, he unveils what it was like to grow up with being a recipient of both physical and verbal abuse. He shares about how all the emotional pain churned inside him, leaving him confused and second guessing his actions and pursuits in life. Mr. X shares how his upbringing shaped and influenced his later life when he got married and resulted in his first marriage to dissolve. He openly walks us through his journey through dating in what seemed like a ‘new world of dating’, learning about himself as he explored the world through meeting others, connection, having unfamiliar conversational topics, and then meeting and marrying his true love. Mr. X highlights how he went through a period of self-discovery as he turned to meditation, found a community where he was able to find a sense of true belonging, and shares that he awoke energy from within his core. His key message to listeners is that: have faith, seek help, no need to feel embarrassed; surround yourself with positive people; your experience is not ‘your’ fault; believe in yourself, no one can take that from you; if you want something badly, than you need to be up for the full throttle to do the necessary; be your own saviour.