Episode 19: Her Unwavering Faith Conquered the Cancer and every other wall that came her way

Guest: Nadia Gulamhusein

As Nadia begins to tap into her story, she shares that leading up to her university graduation ceremony, she was feeling incredibly sick for 4-6 weeks, going in and out of medical clinics without any answers, until she made a visit to the local emergency room at age 24, this is where she learned of the cancer diagnoses. She described this part of her story as her degree coming with a diagnosis. Nadia shares the power in her faith to overcome the cancer, firmly planted in the roots of her faith and of a higher power — she speaks about choosing to take the pain and transforming it into an influential, positive purpose. She learned the true art of taking a challenging situation, embracing it, and then transforming it into a beautiful journey. Nadia is clear that though she was never defeated by fear, there were moments where she was scared, where she was numb, where she was restless, however, she found a way to bring herself to deep reflection, and writing about her challenges, acknowledging them and creating a new perspective and narrative on what she would choose to internalize. Her key message to the listeners is that: we cannot always choose our circumstances, but we can always choose our perspectives; feel your feelings fully; show yourself some compassion; choose ‘you’ to believe in yourself; it’s in your nature to be able to rise over and over and over again.


Guest Bio: Nadia is a cancer survivor, resilience speaker and high school science and drama teacher. Her high-energy talks, drama-based workshops, and personal brand ‘Choose I Can’ have been designed to inspire individuals to transform limiting beliefs into empowering opportunities. Driven by the principles that “challenges are stepping stones to our GREATNESS!” and “I CAN is not the future – it’s NOW!” she has transformed her personal struggle into a powerful system of change. Her compelling story and strategies inspire others to unleash their infinite potential, CHOOSE I CAN and STEP INTO THEIR GREATNESS.


Passionate about: Canadian Cancer Society https://www.cancer.ca