Episode 41: A Personal Struggle + A Single Decision, led her to Success in the Making

Guest: Laimina Methuselha

Laimina’s story goes well beyond her journey through taking leaps of faith and entering career success, she took the time to take us down memory lane and share what it was like to find a way to support her young son’s inability to hear from a very tender developmental age. She detailed what it was like to scope out all the possibilities for her son’s future, what decisions had to be undertaken to ensure balance between quality of life, financial stability, the emotional toll, and the trust in the universe for all things that remained unknown. Laimina, speaks about fear that played a role in the back of her mind, and how once the intensities post son’s surgery, had her subconsciously leave the entire experience behind and re-shifted her focus on to her professional career. She spoke about the shock from learning about her son’s condition and dealing with all the curiosities she wondered her son may have experienced; she spoke about details of what she observed and how she and her husband took time to immerse themselves to learn about the best ways to support their son. She expresses, now she can look back, and she notices she’s emotionally stronger, her son is her motivator in all thing’s life, and she has learned a great deal about adversity. Her key message to the listeners is that: It is difficult and tough to take the time to look back to tell your story but tell your story anyway; have someone to look up to and find what sparks your motivation, for Laimina, it was her son.

Guest Bio: Laimina is the founder and CEO of The Global Assist, a growing organization that is taking out-sourcing and virtual work mode to the next level by providing more employment and bringing solutions via virtual methods for small to midsize firms.

She began Global Assist to address the growing market that thrives on outsourcing. The idea of connecting a business with a qualified resource from all around the globe through phones, computers, and tablets is an extraordinary venture because now employees can work from anywhere and customers and partners can succeed from anywhere!  Due to Laimina’s dedicated passion and experience, Global Assist is now acknowledged as the most trusted and reliable source for virtual businesses as noted by Immigrant Women in Business’s parent company RTG group and directly from client testimonials.

In her spare time, Laimina likes spending time with family and friends, dancing, traveling, and exploring different places, and cooking for loved ones.

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Website- www.theglobalassist.com