Episode 40: The Stay-At-Home-Mom Identity Loss, Now Recovered

Guest: Ifeoma Ngwudike

Ifeoma describes what it was like for her to transition from a highly successful and driven young professional and pausing her career for a decade to raise her four children. She expressed what it was like for her to watch her former classmates progress in their careers and finding herself constantly questioning her life choices, leaving her to feel tormented that she let her education go to waste. During this 10 year gap in her career, much of her interactions and conversations were all about children and children related activities, and she yearned for adult interaction and conversation. Ifeoma also discovered going through this period in her life, how much she neglected her own needs, emotions, and desires. She held on to this idea that if she is not working, she is not earning, therefore she doesn’t have any money to spend on herself. She clarified that there were no restrictions placed on her, just what she had placed on herself. Ifeoma admits that her entire life revolved around her children, she lost herself in that process, and wasn’t even aware how much she sacrificed or denied herself. She recognizes the importance of letting her ego down, allowing herself to live without the intrusion of guilty feelings. Her key message to the listeners is that: if you are a stay-at-home-mom, explore how relationships are impacting you; you cannot give from an empty tank; recognize your identity as a person and this will empower you to do more; be creative in how you value yourself.


Guest Bio: Ifeoma is the author of ‘The Successful Immigrant Woman’, a collection of stories and experiences of women including her own as she is well known to the process of immigration, having gone through the process twice herself. She is also called a ‘Chief Encouragement Officer’ in many circles. She works with professional women who are seeking to discover themselves, with a focus on developing and motivating leaders. As a professional accountant who has transitioned into different roles including finance expert, educator, coach, consultant, student affairs professional as well as serving on non-profit boards. Ifeoma brings a unique and authentic voice to how women can boldly position themselves.

Ifeoma loves to learn and finds each experience as a great teacher. She loves to inspire women because she believes in everyday successes and the power of the new, daily chances life gives to each individual. She is a wife, mom, daughter, sister, and friend who is fiercely caring. Her mission is to inspire joy and enlighten women from across all walks of life.


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