Episode 67: The Woman who Raised her Parents, herself and Ignited her Flame to a Renewed path of Fulfillment

Guest: Mira Rostami

Mira starts to share her story by pointing out that problems don’t go away, but it is about how an individual chooses to carry them. She delves into her story as a child of deaf parents, immigrating from Iran to Canada, and the identity crisis that she faced along the way. While growing up in Iran, she didn’t have the same opportunities that her peers had. She struggled to share some of her emotional experiences with her parents, communication was limited, and she took on a large parenting role to her parents and became their eyes and ears as their education too was limited given the circumstances in Iran at that time. Mira mentioned that immigrating to Canada was tough, she struggled with new culture and language, which led to depression. She expressed feeling rootless, which created a deep crisis in her life which impacted her health and her relationships. She soon reached a crossroads where she was forced to decide whether to be drowned by her sufferings or to swim to another shore where freedom from fear and suffering was possible. It was during this time that she met Jivasu and began exploring the teachings of Somatofulness. These teachings and meditations provided her with the most authentic path toward living a meaningful life. Living according to her nature has led her to the path of awareness and has moved her toward a more natural way of self. She has now become less bound by fear and sorrow and enjoys a sense of well-being and peace. Her key message to the listeners is that: strike a balance to increase capacity, embrace the unpleasant, only then will you create space and allow the presence of it all to just be without putting yourself in harm’s way; everyone has a story, it’s the blueprint of getting to know yourself, take time to get to know yourself, put your story together, put an end to living someone else’s story, and start owning your own.


Guest Bio: Mira’s spiritual journey began when the war between Iran and Iraq destroyed her hometown. War and destruction left deep fear and anxiety in her. From a very young age, Mira was fascinated with Rumi’s philosophy which left a deep love for wisdom in her heart. Through her own journey, Mira became acquainted with the practice of mindfulness, and now she has been Facilitating meditation for over 18 years in Hamilton, Ontario. Mira’s meditation courses are born out of her intense desire to be a facilitator in creating a great thirst in people and integrating a meditative way of being into their everyday lives.

Born in Tehran, Iran, to deaf and mute parents, Mira mastered sign language and developed an intuitive grasp of the human mind to understand and help her parents. She was a gifted student throughout her primary and secondary education. After graduating from high school, Mira immigrated to Canada and completed a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Education. She started working as a high school science teacher in 2000 and still teaches today.


Passionate about:  Somatofulness and Jivasu the founder — her spiritual teacher for over 17 years.