Episode 66: She took Hold of her Story, Named it & Reframed it, with Success Written all Over it.

Guest: Melane Mullings

At 17, Melane was hospitalized, fighting leukemia. Through her cancer journey and miraculous recovery, she gained an understanding of her purpose, faith, and the power of a positive mindset, all of which laid the foundation for her business success. She takes the time to delve into the initial career focus starting as a nurse and what prompted her in this endeavour was the substandard emotional care received while she herself was hospitalized. She wanted to ensure that she could positively impact other patients in a similar predicament. She takes time to speak about the backstory of what it took to build her business, during this time, she endured panic attacks, anxiety, bouts of depression, financial distress, and working long hours regularly to meet her goals. She described moments how she soothed her inner child, took time to check in with herself and breathe, and disengage from thought spirals and engage in deliberate relaxation to keep stress levels to a minimum. After navigating a crushing bout of burnout in her late 20s, she took to understanding her purpose, joined it with her faith, and with no business experience or training and minimal capital, she found a way for her business to begin being both impactful and purpose driven. Her key message to the listeners is that: deal with your scars, honour and examine these scars; you are not alone; surrender to the process; know there’s hope; celebrate your wins; operate yourself from a place of purpose and passion.


Guest Bio: Melane is a cancer survivor, former Registered Nurse, successful entrepreneur, business management consultant and the founder of Aere Management Consulting. She is also an award-winning, #1 bestselling author of the book, ‘Lemonade! Squeeze Your Challenging Life Experiences into a Successful Business’ and is passionate about helping struggling entrepreneurs and business owners build a solid foundation for their businesses, and providing them tools and tips to transition to a state of sustained profitability so they can earn more, work less and enjoy a truly fulfilling life!

Melane enjoys traveling, playing her cello (when she makes time for it!), volunteering, and spending time outdoors. She resides in Vancouver, Canada.


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