Episode 70: The pressure cooker feeling on repeat + confidence contingent on a faulty

Guest: Rafiat Ahmed

Rafiat details her untold story is all about how she followed her own intuition to leave an emotionally abusive relationship and toxic work environment. She explains that by doing so, she is able to live her life on her own terms and has made peace and joy her standard. Rafiat uncovers her mental health is tied to her financial health, when she was about 14 years old, her family lost their home, having to sell to avoid foreclosure, her parents were getting a divorce because of financial constraints and mother learned that father wasn’t paying the mortgage. They were able to get another home a couple years later, mother fell ill, and they cycle repeated itself, soon not being able to afford the home and again needing to sell to avoid foreclosure. Rafiat speaks about the burdens and pressure that she took on wondering how she needs to save her family, and how can she fix it. Rafiat shares emotionally she was left feeling she was running out of time and losing hope in the process. She identified several faulty narratives around money, success and taking responsibility, which were damaging to her mental well-being. She was unable to maintain confidence, lost her self-identity, suffered depression, relied heavily on external validation, and grieved the loss of her brother in 2018. Rafiat openly shares that her mental health was impacted by intense anxiety, ruminating thoughts, found it difficult to converse with people as she found self-doubt and the inner critic to interfere greatly. She would self-hate and self-shame and tell herself she was supposed to have her life together. Her key message to the listeners is that: be curious about yourself and question your thoughts with love; it’s okay if you are not okay; trust yourself to shift gears; pay attention to your internal process and allow yourself to feel; inner wisdom is all you need, just be curious and tap in; be with all your thoughts, feelings, and sensations.


Guest Bio: Rafiat is intuitive, fearless, and wise, stretching individuals to take inspired action to create the life they never knew they could have through understanding their identity, intuition, impact, and influence. Rafiat leverages her unique filled lessons to serve individuals who are on their pathways to self-discovery and healing from burnout and suffering from poor mental health experiences that hinder their life’s fullest expression.


After many challenges of her own, Rafiat lost her self-identity which ultimately led her to discover her purpose and who she is today. She hosts a podcast called “Follow Your First Mind” and has established her very own coaching program, which is named “Rafiat Ahmed Coaching,” where she teaches clients how to trust their first minds. Rafiat’s passions consists of faith, leadership, and especially teaching young people how to become powerful leaders.


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