Episode 71: Untangling Beauty from the fear webbed chaos

Guest: Garcia Hanson – Francis

Garcia shares her untold story and extracts the two extreme themes of growing up in what was seen as a perfect life on the outside, while feeling broken on the inside. Garcia battled with imposter syndrome, constantly held back due to fear, and openly spoke about the state of her marriage and how fearful she would be to take steps forward in her life as she experienced emotional consequences for actions she took. She expressed how she felt like she was leading a single life while being married and a mother to four children. Garcia longed for attention from her husband and didn’t feel she got the attention or affection she was worthy of and didn’t feel like she had anyone to turn to when she fell ill. She lists all the different ways fear showed up in her life and all the many things she was afraid to do. She didn’t feel like she had her own identity, she was so busy being afraid and worrying how her husband would react to any situation whether it be an everyday purchase for herself or the family or whether it was about pursuing career goals of her own. Garcia describes the mental toll from all the stress and anxiety experienced and found her way back to herself through her faith. Her key message to the listeners is that: you don’t have to live in silence; you are not alone; there’s healing to be done; if you are going through something as a couple, talk about it with each other, get support; things do get resolved; listening helps a great deal; experience fear and take action inspite of it; the light won’t come unless you work through the storm.


Guest Bio:

Garcia Hanson-Francis, is a Certified Payroll Manager with over 20 years’ experience in payroll, QuickBooks Pro Advisor, and Certification in Business Writing. A founding member of Immigrant Women in Business, CEO of CADJPro Payroll Solutions, and winner of the People’s Choice Awards Accountant category two years in a row!

Garcia’s strong attention to detail and passion for customer satisfaction and success has enabled the team, and her to form a strong connection within the industry. She also runs CADJPro Virtual Tax clinic through which she prepares tax return for underprivileged populations such as seniors, immigrants, students, incarcerated individuals, and single families to name a few.


Garcia ensures the support of female entrepreneurs, mentors new business owners, and recruits female volunteers looking to gain expertise in the field. She has great work ethic, good gut instincts, and a polite nature of how she engages. She is an assertive, result oriented and excels in planning and implementation.


Passionate about:  

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