Episode 10: Transformation began the moment she ‘exposed’ her secret.

Guest: Reena Ruparelia

Reena talks about what it is like to be diagnosed with a skin condition known as psoriasis from the young age of fourteen, and how it remained unacknowledged for about 17 years. She shares how she lived a life defined with pain, self-hate and denial. Reena shares that for so long, no one knew what she was truly bearing inside of her, she believed that her thoughts were actually just thoughts of vanity and ended up minimizing and invalidating her experienced pain, which remained silenced. Reena shares the life changing experience of attending a silent meditation retreat which she attended with the intention to cure her skin condition. When she arrived at the retreat centre, she quickly learned what it meant to meditate, connect with herself, sit in silence, and be with her thoughts. She learned that by acknowledging her suffering it shifted the pain, softened her as a person, and she gained awareness and insight into how she can choose to live her best life. When she completed her retreat, she walked away embracing all parts of herself and owning all parts of who she is, even the psoriasis. Her key message to listeners is to: Recognize that we are our own best teachers; everything each of us need is right in front of us and within us; things change — so don’t give up on yourself, there’s hope in a new day; you are okay right here right now, as you are.


Guest Bio: Reena is a Mindfulness Junkie, Hope Dealer and Wellness Warrior. She’s on a mission to help people awaken to the present moment so they can feel their best and be their best each and every day! She relates to those who experience the common ‘stressed, tired and overwhelmed by life’, she has created a lifestyle where she shows up as a ‘mindful living guide’, and helps people feel good in all aspects of mind, body and soul.

She is also the voice behind @psoriasis_thoughts, a community that empowers
people living with visible skin conditions love and accept themselves as they are.
She’s been featured in Glamour UK, Women’s Health, & Dove Derma Series to name a few.


Passionate about: Instagram #skinandpsoriasis community