Episode 39: A Depression + the Trenches followed by Infinite Inspiration

Guest: Zak Lioutas

Zak dives right in to talk about how her life had been impacted by depression and how some of it was rooted in fear of how she would be judged or interpreted by others, which resulted in the fear of showing up authentically and being seen. She unveils that the depression brought her to an all-time low point in her life, she recognized that this wasn’t who she was, she continued to seek outwardly the approval of others and really it came down to looking for love externally. Zak reveals that a big ‘ah-ha’ moment for her was tapping into this idea that she spent a great deal of time, energy and efforts externally waiting for the validation that can only come from an internal place, referring to it as an ‘internal job’. At first, she was afraid to express who she was — Zak explains that she had this gift of being able to see and hear spirits from a young age about 3 years of age. The depression took over in her late teens and early 20’s, simultaneously diagnosed with cancer, she grappled with an overwhelm of highs and lows experiencing raw emotions of guilt, shame, fear, sadness and more. She reflects on the idea that energy is expensive, so it is important to pay attention to where and to whom you are giving it. Her key message to the listeners is that: connect with what you truly want; ask yourself how you are going to get it; remind yourself how badly you want it; whatever you want to water, be sure to water.


Guest Bio: Zak is a Galactic Elder, Master Key Holder, 12 Strain Activator, and a podcast host. Guiding women to live an empowered life as they tap into their higher consciousness realm of infinite possibilities to birth their dreams into reality. Her Soul Activation process focuses on bringing you home to the truth of who you are.

Over the past 20 years, Zak has guided clients to dissolve the mental and emotional challenges that are keeping them shackled to fear and old habits that no longer serve them. She uses a process that bridges the gap between their thoughts and feelings, activating their soul and opening them to living to their greatest potential. By teaching spiritual principles and taking her clients on a journey through the laws that guide the universe, Zak transforms mental chaos into self-awareness, hope, enlightenment, and confusion into clarity. Zak understands from experience that it’s during your suffering that you’ll unveil the best lessons. Empowering humans to overcome the obstacles in their lives is what ignites Zak.

Passionate about: Andy Kind Heart Foundation is driven to help vulnerable communities in Uganda, East Africa. www.andykindheartfoundation.org